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Direct taxi service from Krabi Airport to Ting Rai Bay Resort

When the regular ferryboat service to Koh Jum has ended for the season or if you want to come directly to the Resort without going thru Krabitown, the Resort can arrange private taxi to travel down the coast from Krabi to the little fishing village of Laem Kruat. The taxi will drop you off right at the pier in Laem Kruat and a longtail boat will ferry you over to Jum Island from there. It's the only way to get to the Island during the low season if you’re coming from Krabi or the airport. During the tourist season it's a relaxing way to arrive on Koh Jum.
You’ll need to contact Mrs. Taam at Ting Rai Bay and have her arrange a private taxi from the Krabi airport to the pier in Laem Kruat. Mr. Mai or one of his people will meet your flight when it gets to KBV.
The trip down from Krabi (which goes thru the town of Nua Khlong) to Laem Kruat takes about 30 minutes. The taxi will take you right to the boat pier in Laem Kruat. This is where you board a large longtail boat taxi for the water journey over to Koh Jum. Price from KBV to Laem Kruat is B700 for two persons.

The price for the boat trip to Jum from Laem Kruat is B100 per person. The journey across the Bay is about an hour and takes you to the Mu Tu Pier, which is on the backside of Koh Jum near the village of Ting Rai.


You can arrange with Mrs Taam for a motorbike or a car taxi to meet the longtail from LK at Mu Tu Pier and the taxi will take you to Ting Rai Bay. The distance is about 3k and costs B200 for two people. The taxi will drop you off right at the resort. Traveling this way takes about two hours from the Airport to Ting Rai Bay Resort.

Total cost Krabi Airport to Ting Rai Bay Resort via Laem Kruat for two persons is going to be about B1100. Prices may change without notice. Miss Taam will be happy to arrange all this for you. Email her or call and let her know what you need.

66 084 944 6141  or 66 087 263 3881